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Date & time Mar 25 '17, 06:30
Event ends Mar 25 '17, 08:30
10866 wilshire blvd suite #400 Los angeles, Ca 92663 United States
Creator Jason Henry

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Jason Henry


Emotional Support Animal Prescription

If you are suffering from a disability that has pain or psychiatric symptoms then getting a prescription for an emotional support animal may just be what you need. Once you get a prescription, you can get an emotional support animal which you can then take into a rental property to live with you and keep you company.  A landlord will not be allowed to discriminate against you due to your animal and even if they specify no pets on your lease, they must allow an emotional support animal shall your application be successful. Even if you own your own home, an emotional support animal could change your life for the better and you should look into getting one if you are suffering.

Who is this event for?

This event is for anyone who is looking into getting an emotional support animal. These animals require you to get a prescription first and we will be able to assist you by informing you about what’s required to do so. If you feel like this relates to you and your situation, then come along and attend this great event to know more.

Event Details

The event will be held over the period of a few hours to inform you about emotional support animal prescriptions. You will learn about emotional support animals, how they are used to treat ailments, and what is required in order for you to obtain a prescription.


6:30 pm – Arrival

7:00 pm – Meet our friendly team and the attendees

7:30 pm – Presentation

8:00 pm – Question Time

8:30 pm – Free Consultation

What To Wear

You can wear any attire you feel comfortable in but please note that we will be bringing an emotional support dog with us for you to meet.


Do I have to pay to attend this event?

Absolutely not. This event is completely free for you to attend.

Will you help me in getting a prescription for an emotional support animal?

We have an extensive referral network of qualified practitioners from The dogtor online that we can put you in touch with depending on your needs.

I’m not sure if I qualify, should I still attend?

Of course, we provide a free consultation at the end of the event and we will be happy to assist you.

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