Inside of group B of the ESL Pro League finals: Natus Vincere and OpTic Gaming



Date & time Jun 9 '17
New York
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What a disappointment the Ukrainian powerhouse has been in 2017. Right after s1mple joined last year,cs go estratégias they won their first CS:GO Tier 1 event, ESL One New York. Things could have been flowery for them. And as it turned out, they were. But, they were withered flowers.

They barely qualified for Dallas by beating Heroic on the very last map of the EPL season in triple OT. Watching them play, it feels like they lack proper communication, motivation and team play. It almost seems like they want things to go south, to get out of a bad situation. In Las Vegas, Guardian already hinted at internal issues in a weird interview, and it seems those issues still prevail.

Even though we have no intel on what’s going on in the team, some say s1mple is to blame, as he has a history of being a destructive force within teams, due to his difficult personality. All the skill in the world doesn’t help, if your teammates don’t want to play with you.

Na’Vi tried to fix their problems by firing long-term member and coach, starix, but to no avail. Whatever the reasons for their slump, they need to find solutions. It is a shame to see a team with so much potential and firepower, play so poor.

Na’Vi had a top four finish at a single event this year, at SL i-League. At DH Las Vegas, IEM Katowice and DH Tours they went out in groups. For a team that should aspire to be number one, that’s not enough. The internal destructive forces that arise whenever something is not going their way on the server seem simply to powerful.

On train and inferno they seem quite strong, but are underperforming on all the remaining maps. They continue to ban cache.

There’s no doubt, that individually Na’Vi is up there on a level with the SKs, FaZes and G2s of the world, but what good does it do, when the players don’t want to play together anymore? That’s at least the impression that I get watching them play.

The Ukrainians should be the clear favorites in this group, but the way things have been going, a scenario is imaginable, where they get eliminated before the playoffs. I don’t think that will happen, but simply entertaining that possibility would have been deemed crazy just half a year ago.

OpTic Gaming

tarik’s team had to wait for the last week of EPL to clinch their finals berth, finishing in sixth place with a record of 14-10.

Their performance during the season was up and down, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, as they have played without an IGL since February, when Stanislaw left and they are still on the lookout for replacement.

They tried out jasonR at cs_summit, and he was playing surprisingly well, taking into consideration that he also had to IGL. In Sydney they used hazed, who has more experience IGLing, but less individual skill. And in Dallas they will employ jasonR’s services again.

mixwell and tarik stated in an interview that this situation is tiring, and that they want to find a fifth player asap to finally be able to prepare for the upcoming months.

OpTic feel at home on nuke and mirage (win-rate of ~75% on both). They seem to be willing to play on any map, albeit with moderate success.

We don’t know how much they have been preparing for this event with the uncertainty of who their new fifth will be. That’s why they have to be regarded as underdogs in this group.cs go noticias They certainly have a chance to advance, especially if mixwell continues his strong form, but are underdogs in every matchup, except maybe versus NRG.

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