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Bidaj L.t.d: Offering Wide Variety of Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal plants are being used for treating various diseases since prehistoric times. Medicinal and aromatic plants form large number of economically important plants which are used for making several cosmetics, perfumes, flavors and medicines. Medicinal plants are rich in secondary metabolites and thus are used for making several drugs. Albania, a country in South-eastern Europe is known for its wide variety of medicinal and aromatic herbs. There are some reputed companies which provide wide variety of medicinal herbs in Albania.

Bidaj L.t.d is leading family established company that leads in import export dried herbs and working in this field since 1994. They mainly deals in collecting, cleaning, testing, drying and exporting dried herbs including, but not limited to cortex, fructus, herba, folia and radix.

They collect all the herbs from forest, fields and Albanian mountains and supply top grade herbs to their clients after complete processing. Bidaj L.t.d is based in Rrogozhine, which is a city situated in the center of Albania country. Thus, the favorable geographical location of the company enables its workers to collect Albania medicinal herbsfrom different regions of the country.

Albania is the major suppliers of wild medical and aromatic herbs in Balkan and in Europe. The fertile land and Mediterranean climatic conditions makes Albania suitable for the cultivation of 250 varieties of plants. Bidaj L.t.d is able to supply maximum number of these cultivated herbs to their clients which also includes roots, flowers, fruits and leaves.

The team at Bidaj L.t.d is dedicated to render superlative services to their clients. They make use of advanced techniques and latest machineries for collection, testing and processing of the herbs. With their unmatched services, they have managed to become market leaders in exporting medicinal and aromatic herbs.

So, if you are looking for properly cleaned and processed Albania aromatic herbsand medicinal plants for manufacturing drugs or cosmetics then Bidaj L.t.d is the company you can rely on. They provide wide array of medicinal plants at highly unbeatable prices.

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