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graduation of a niece

Javier Jorge Reyes, who on Facebook playfully went by Harvey George Kings, an English translation of his name, was among pink gold cartier love bracelet those killed in Sunday's attack.

Ellen Taaffe, a friend of Mr. Reyes, mourned his passing in a Facebook post.

smile was contagious and your sass always entertaining," she wrote, adding, "You made me feel like a beautiful woman and mother even on days I couldn see it, and you had an uncanny knack for making my baby kick on demand when I was pregnant!!"

Mr. Reyes was originally from Puerto Rico, according to his profile, and worked as a manager at Gucci.

Scrolling through the Facebook profile of Stanley Almodovar III, a reader will see image after image of a young man who seemed to love flirting with the camera.

He changed his hair frequently in color and style. His friend Hazel Ramirez told The Washington Post that Mr. Almodovar was comfortable with his sexuality. It was evident on his Facebook page that he was unafraid to express it. In in which he updated his profile image, he wrote, I wear makeup and I still a man about it tho. wish I had that (video) to remember him forever, she told the newspaper.

Mr. Ayala began working with the nonprofit organization in December 2011 as a biologics assistant, most recently serving as a platelet supervisor in the Orlando laboratory. was a highly respected member of the OneBlood family. He was passionate about saving lives and took great pride in the lifesaving work he performed, the organization said in a statement.

Mr. Ayala, from San Germn, Puerto Rico, shared his knowledge and best practices with co workers and worked diligently as part of a team, the statement said. was a caring and friendly person and will be greatly missed by everyone who had the honor of knowing him, it added.

Mr. Ayala did not go out very often, but when he did, he danced, said his friend Johnny Rivera Muiz.

loved to dance salsa and all kinds of Latin dancing, Mr. Muiz told The Orlando Sentinel. during his time there, the school said in a statement on Monday.

Mr. Brown cartier rose gold love bracelet was a captain in the Army reserves when he died, The Army Times reported. Lt. Col. Kelvin Scott, who taught Mr. Brown as an upbeat, hard worker.

"He was a very positive person with a very good sense of humor," Colonel Scott said. "He was willing to work very hard to earn his commission."

Mr. Brown worked at Lowe's as a human resources manager, according to his LinkedIn profile. The company praised Mr. Brown military record, which included a tour of duty in Kuwait, Karen Cobb, a spokeswoman for Lowe wrote in an email.

On Facebook, several members of Kappa Alpha Psi, a predominantly African American fraternity, said that Mr. Brown had been a brother. "Let us remember our fallen Rattler," Chris Davis, a fellow Florida A alumnus, wrote on Facebook, "for what he did in life and for all he touched."

Cory James Connell was a student at Valencia College in Orlando, Fla., working through an associate of arts degree that typically leads to coursework for a bachelor degree when a student transfers.

He had been taking general coursework, up through the spring term that ended last month, said Carol Traynor, a spokeswoman for the college.

Mr. Connell was at Pulse to celebrate his birthday. His friend Jerald Arthur Wright, 31, was also killed in the shooting.

Ashley Connell, Mr. Connell sister, posted a message to her brother on Facebook, with a reference to her pregnancy.

can wait to share all the wonderful memories that we have with my son. I know you loved him so much and he will know that. I love my brother so much and I missing you dearly. You are my hero Cory Connell. Connell English professor at Valencia College, said in a telephone interview that Cory was a student in his writing class. During one assignment, the 24 students had to share their impressions of the different influences. had so many layers of cultural connections, Mr. Darden said, recalling how Cory had mentioned his own Christian faith, but also that he was a straight man with friends that night at a Latin themed gay event. Crosby for about a year as a recruiter for his company. About 20 people worked for him.

"I would say the morale is really low," Mr. Reid said. "Everybody is upset. He was a boss, but we are all like family. We were very, very close."

Mr. Reid said they had a telephone conversation shortly before the shooting. Mr. Crosby had traveled from Michigan to Statesville last week to attend the graduation of a niece. He then went off to Orlando to visit friends.

"He was in good spirits and laughing," Mr. Reid said. Mr. Crosby, he said, was "the nicest guy I have ever known."

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    graduation of a niece
    graduation of a niece
    Javier Jorge Reyes, who on Facebook playfully went by Harvey George Kings, an English translation of his name, was among pink gold cartier love bracel...